Unable to Remove Gmail Account from Your Android Device?

So, you have added several Gmail accounts to your Android device using Gmail application yet you need to delete one of them for certain reasons. All things considered, removal of the Google account from the Android device is as simple as including it. In future, in case if you want to include this deleted account, then you can easily add it again too with the help of Gmail Contact Number team.


In any case, before removing the account from the Android device, you should realize that the applications you acquired from the Google Play Store utilizing the account you're going to delete will be lost and in this way you won't most likely get to them.




Apart from applications, you won't almost certainly access the other info that is related with the account.Along these lines, at last, you are sure about deleting the account from the Android device now, just try these steps below and get your task done.


Steps to Remove the Account from Android Phone


Step 1: At first step, head over to the Settings of your mobile phone

Step 2: Next, choose Account option and afterward select Google

Step 3: In the following stage, you would see the names of every one of those Google accounts you have added to your Android phone already.

Step 4: Now pick the one you need to delete.

Step 5: Then pick the three vertically stacked dots gave on the upper right corner and choose Remove account option.

Step 6: Another message box will give the idea that will advise you that deleting this account will remove all of its messages, contacts, and other information from the phone. In case if you are fine with it, then you can easily pick Remove account and it will effectively be deleted.


Important Note - You may find trouble in removing the account from the android device. This happens in light of the fact that it is the primary account you used to setup your device. In such a case, first, include a new Gmail account and afterward have a go at removing it. On the off chance that this doesn't work, then do a factory reset. But, it ought to be noted that a factory reset will remove everything from your phone, so you take the back up first.


There is no doubt that to get the quickest resolution users must give a call at Gmail Support Number 0800 090 3909, however if due to some reason that is beyond the realm of imagination, then users must post their queries on the online help desk center of Gmail.