How to customize AOL experience?

AOL is a useful platform for mail transfer. It exists since last many years and once was a famous network used widely for communication purposes. It is still widely used in many firms as integral mail platform for mail transfer.


It is preferred so widely because it enables useful services for its users. It believes in accepting advancement and innovation and this can be proved by the latest application and features it brings even after so many years.




Even when it is enhanced platform, it make sure to be user friendly for users so that they do not face any issues with AOL applications obtain easy help with Aol customer service number.


AOL is user’s platform and thus it allows users to change the features of AOL as per their wish to enjoy customized AOL experiences.


There are many features of AOL which are available for users and some of these are:


  1. Themes – Even when the AOL mail comes in a default, it provide so many options to choose best theme as per users wish. This will help customize your AOL experience and you can send and receive mail in the theme you have set for your AOL account. AOL brings in various theme interface that have combinations of different colors and images
  2. Email stationary – Sending emails have always been a wonderful experience with AOL but AOL now brings in stationary for users. With this they can add their personal touch to each mail. This includes a set of predesigned images, fonts and styles that can be added to mail you send. Uisng stationery is easy in AOL and one may get help for the same from aol technical support number.
  3.   Email signature - AOL also allow user to create their own customized signature. This may include information such as company name, links etc. Users can send this signature with each mail they send to add their unique identification which each mail they are transferring with their AOL.


AOL is itself a user oriented platform that ensure customized and user friendly services for its users but with few changes in the way you use AOL, you can enhance experience over AOL. There are many features available on AOL which can customize your experiences over AOL but if in any case using them is difficult for you, get easy help with aol contact number.